Ismail’s journey starts from Srebrenica where he was born and where he makes first steps. Through hard history, he decided to change the world and to keep history on the side and start connecting with people and the world. Trying to work on peace building and reconciliation was very hard and still it is, but he got an award for the best young leader in the Europe 2013 delegated from European Commission and 2014 for peacebuilding and reconciliation from the city council.

As for his journey into the world of innovations and startups, throughout his studies, Ismail was continuously interested in innovations and different points of view on industry and production. That was one of the reasons why he decided to start studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering’s department for constructions. Through the whole process of studying, Ismail was keen to work on different projects connected with constructions and innovations. His first meaningful experience was in Amman, Jordan, where he worked at the Jordanian Youth Innovation Forum. He considers it a great institution, with over 100 employed and 1,000+ people using the institution’s services. After that, Ismail worked in Turkey on the design and innovation of new tunnels for cities and underground buildings. The following project was his first bigger project – his innovation of a “water pump” at the Riga Technical University. During his studies at RTU, he had an opportunity to spend a lot of time in laboratories where he was able to conduct research about innovations and new projects all around the world. At the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) Ismail received professional education about Industry 4.0 where he had a chance to work with the 20 biggest German companies on new projects and innovation. He attended many conferences and training, which made a significant contribution to him becoming an expert in the field of innovations. He was a part of the Must Summit in Munich as a Multiplicator, speaking and working with over 100 startups. This is one of many startup events he was actively involved in from all parts of Europe.