How are we to connect?

We are continuously working with various incubators, Universities and HUBs, where we are introduced to new start-ups, young thought leaders, innovators and people looking to make a world a better place. If you still don`t know how to reach us, contact us via email or head straight for one of our offices, where we will have a drink and get to know you and your idea.

What if we want to learn more about you?

Running a start-up is never only about your idea or a business model. Ultimately, it all depends on you and your team. If your idea and a business concept prove itself we will ask you to meet with us, so we can all learn more about each other during face to face meetings.

Where do we meet, learn, connect and exchange information?

CEE Freiraum believes that any successful start-up team must be provided with an opportunity to be surrounded with like-minded people. To introduce your start-up to other young innovators, thought leaders, creatives and field experts we regularly organize seminars, training, workshops and conferences.

Who will provide education and help in developing our skills?

CEE Freiraum works with a vast number of experts in the field of entrepreneurship and business plan models. These experts can provide necessary education for your teams, if such need is identified.

How do you bring us in contact with an international business world?

CEE Freiraum is a frequent attender of some of the biggest and most frequented business events and summits in the world, organized in Munich, Shanghai, Toronto and a number of other locations. Based on your start-ups needs, we will take you to business events that will maximize your chances for entering international markets.


8th OF NOVEMBER AT 10:00


INNOVATION CAFÉ is a unique event, during which, start-ups will have an opportunity to share their innovation and business ideas in front of investors, institutions, companies, and students. Each start-up will have 3 minutes to pitch their business idea to the audience, which will have a chance to recognize and connect with ideas of their interest. After the official part of presentations, start-ups, investors, and an audience will have time for networking and developing further cooperation.

Special guest of Innovation Café No.3 will be Emir Pašić. He received his B.S. degree in IT and B.S. (Honors) in Computer Science from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After obtaining his degrees, Emir continued his education in Japan and got his M.S. degree in Information Technology from Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics in Japan, focusing on artificial intelligence and its practical applications.