CEEFreiraum articles

A company that is digitalizing beehives, enabling owners to improve the well-being of their bee’s population.

Why the bees?

On average in the last decade every year 40% of colonies were lost. This will not only impact the production of honey, but it will also impact the food chain in general, and it’s at risk. So, we developed a solution, a combination of hardware and software that will enable beehive owners to better manage their population and keep them healthy. Globally there are projected to be 50 million active beehives. With our product beehive owners will be able to save their bee’s population and increase the production of honey.

Hard work pays off.

HaBEEtat was first start-up from Bosnia and Herzegovina who got the award to visit SCE – Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Munich, Germany. They were one of the 5 start-ups which CEE FREIRAUM were selected on competition “Get in the Ring” and after pitching on first Innovation Café in Bosnia and Herzegovina HaBEEtat was announced as awarded one.

On their way to international success.

HaBEEtat spent 5 days in Munich, Germany where they had meetings with investing organizations, got mentorship support from SCE experts and got connections of German Incubators, HUB-s, Institutions and Companies. They got space in SCE START-UP INCUBATOR during those 5 days where they could work, cooperate and speak with other start-ups from Germany.
In the future, more start-ups will get an opportunity to get similar awards, will get an opportunity to pass through the mentorship process, take part in our training and educations.