Providing support and assistance to start-ups with constant quality and end results, requires us having a well-established process, through which we guide our beneficiaries. This process ensures each start-up that goes through our project is well equipped with knowledge, skills and access to opportunities. Our methodology describes it as a three-component process, with Scout, Accelerate and Perform components.



Scouting for promising start-ups, innovations, and individuals is our prime occupation. We are always on the lookout for the right start-ups, technologies and trends relevant to today`s international market, investors and companies.

Scout beneficiaries

We are constantly organizing a number of events, inviting start-ups, young people and field experts to meet and discuss their ideas and share their experience. These events between incubators, Universities, and start-ups create a common social platform to network with start-ups and scout for the most promising ones, who will receive our further assistance.

Scout project partners

Why do it all alone? We partner up with different organizations and institutions, which can help us provide better assistance to our chosen start-ups and make their growth towards an international market easier.

Scout potential investors

To ensure a start-up and a business entity are a match made in heaven, we are always scouting for prospective investors, who can take our start-ups to an international market and help them scale-up in the most efficient manner possible.



Once we have our promising start-ups lined up and ready to go, we dedicate our time, knowledge, connections and resources to help them accelerate their personal and professional development and their growth. We achieve this with un-ending attention to their needs and by providing the best assistance when it is needed.

Accelerate your learning

As entrepreneurs and members of start-ups, we continue learning all the time. To enable our beneficiaries to learn more efficiently, we provide them with access to specialized education programs, individual mentorships, and training, along with an ability to participate in international exchange programs.

Accelerate your networking

Sometimes it's better in a group. We continuously seek opportunities for our start-ups to connect with like-minded start-ups, entrepreneurs and visionaries and we encourage them to share experiences, cooperate, support each other and innovate based on other peoples input.

Accelerate your growth

Once you`re an entrepreneur and a start-up, learning and meeting with other people must never become a goal of its own. We guide our start-ups to apply the knowledge they received to grow their start-ups and improve them beyond their initial vision.



Our best and brightest of start-ups will be invited to present their ideas to the largest relevant companies and investors. This phase of our process is aimed at increasing the performance of our beneficiaries, in regard to fundraising, financial management, and operations. We open the door to international markets for you.

Pitching performance

To perfect the art of pitching, we will create opportunities for you to present your idea to potential investors and companies from SEE, CEE regions as well as worldwide entities. Each pitch session helps you hone your skills and re-evaluate your approach to pitching.

Financial performance

Lots of information and an address book full of names doesn’t always equal success. To be able to confidently scale-up your start-up, maintain all the positives and manage the negatives, you will need financial investment. CEE Freiraum enables you to receive direct investments from a vast pool of investors and related companies who genuinely believe in your idea. However, your job is to learn how to manage those finances so everyone keeps a happy face. And, we are there to help you with that.

Operational performance

Success in building up your skills, obtaining adequate levels of financing and building up your network of partners and experts, ultimately must translate into operational level. This is a moment in your start-up life when things become serious and your start-up begins doing what it does best. Changing the world into a better place.

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